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Unplugged Adventures is excited to offer our regular adventures - Expedition Wachusett, Trek Monadnock and Ramblewild.  Check back often for more information about our 2020 offerings, guidelines for participation and other information.  We will update this page as the summer progresses and as we launch new offerings.   Our current adventures are:


Sticking to the principles that define all of our adventures -

unplugged, outdoors, team-based, and competitive - our new

adventure will include something new: nature education.  Teams

will safely explore the trails and ecosystems around Mill Pond,

navigate through a series of checkpoints, complete some fun

challenges, discover and learn about their natural surroundings,

and engage in a little friendly competition.
As defined by the CoM guidelines, the Mill Pond Nature Ramble will be limited to two teams of 6-8 participants per team.  Teams will remain appropriately separated, but will engage in a friendly "competition".  Within each group, individual participants will remain physically distanced to the extent possible and will wear masks when physical distance is challenging.  The event will not require any physical contact among the participants.

Check our Facebook page for schedule of current events and to reserve your spot.



Participant and staff safety is paramount.  While outdoor recreation provides a safer environment, to ensure the safety of all those involved in our adventures, Unplugged Adventures has implemented the following:

  • All participants will maintain physical distancing by remaining 6 feet away from others, whenever possible.

  • All participants (kids and staff) must have a face covering, per Commonwealth of Massachusetts (CoM) guidelines, for use when physical distancing (at least 6’) is not possible.

  • Participants will not make physical contact with other participants or staff (except in the case of an emergency).

  • Groups are limited to no more than 8 participants and no more than 2 staff (10 total).

  • When there are multiple groups, adequate physical distance and group separation will be maintained at all times.  Groups should be at least 20 feet apart at all times.

  • Registration and payment will be completed online (touch-free) prior to the event.

  • Unplugged Adventures will provide hand sanitizer to use when participants might come in contact with a shared or public object.

  • Unplugged Adventures WILL NOT provide snacks or a water refill station.  We will have extra bottled waters in case anyone runs out of water.

  • Participants are encouraged to wash their hands when they return home from their adventure.

  • Participants/staff will not share water or food with other participants/staff.

  • Families should contact Unplugged Adventures immediately if a participant becomes ill after an event.

  • Unplugged Adventures requires a signed waiver from every participant, prior to date of the event.

For a complete list of safety considerations, guidelines and expectations, review our 2020 Program Guidelines.


Your son/daughter should expect to hike between 2-4 miles and tackle a number of challenges around Mill Pond.  Everyone should dress ready for action and appropriate for the weather that day.  Remember, our Nature Rambles run rain or shine!  Adventurers should wear/bring:

  • Clothes appropriate for the weather

  • Face covering (mask, bandana, buff)

  • Running sneakers or hiking shoes - light shoes with a tread (no heavy boots please!)

  • A SMALL drawstring backpack with:

    • 2x filled water bottles

    • Healthy snack (no peanuts or tree nuts please)

    • Hand sanitizer (optional)

  • Hat and sunglasses (optional)

  • Sunscreen and bug spray (optional)

Please apply sunscreen and bug spray before dropping-off your child in the morning.  We will not provide sunscreen and bug spray to avoid cross contamination.

Most important, please make sure your son/daughter has a good meal before the event and hydrates the day before and in the morning.  Fueling and hydrating prior to the event is critical to optimize performance on the trails!


For additional information, check our 2020 Frequently Asked Questions page here.

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