Unplugged Adventures is focused on engaging kids in a real way, leading outdoor adventures that combine physical challenges, problem-solving and team-building activities. Our adventures will often include a mountain ascent or wilderness trek, and some include a competitive dynamic to enhance the learning experience. All of our adventures are guaranteed to be FUN!




After spending close to 20 years focused on fixing healthcare, I have pivoted my focus to developing engaged youth leaders through hands-on, experiential teaching, coaching and mentoring.


I grew up spending much of my free time exploring the world around me, creating real and imaginary adventures, and building tight relationships with my close friends.  I often felt that I was born several centuries too late, missing out on the "time of the explorers".  

I founded Unplugged Adventures to catalyze a sea change for today's youth, to shift their focus from digital media to the dynamic world around them.  Through fun, team-based outdoor adventures, we foster critical problem-solving, social and communication skills.

My passion for working with our younger generations extends across my life.  I spend my time away from Unplugged Adventures teaching 6th grade in Westborough, coaching youth sports teams, and leading great adventures with my wife, daughters and Australian Labradoodle.

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