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Most Unplugged Adventures events are team-based.  How are teams created?

Due to the guidelines imposed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, our 2020 events will operate with GROUP ONLY registration.  This means that participants must register as a group that will attend and tackle the adventure together.  We will not accept at this time any individual registrations.

Currently, we will host teams of only 6-8 participants.

We registered for an adventure, but my child can no longer attend.  Can we get a refund?

At Unplugged Adventures, we understand that plans change, kids get sick or other circumstances might cause a participant to be unable to attend an event as planned.


We limit the number of participants per event to ensure the best possible experience for our adventurers so we ask that you let us know as soon as possible if your son/daughter is not able to attend the event for which they are registered.


If a participant withdraws their registration at least 72 hours prior to the start of the event (i.e., by 9AM 3 days prior to the event), Unplugged Adventures will refund fully all paid registration fees.  As an alternative, you may select a different event date and Unplugged Adventures will transfer the registration. 


If a participant withdrawals registration within 72 hours of the event, Unplugged Adventures will cancel the event registration and issue a credit in the amount of the paid registration fees.  The credit can be used to pay for registration fees for any other Unplugged Adventures event held within one year of the issued credit.

What happens if an event does not meet its minimum registration requirement?

If a specific event does not meet its minimum participant registration requirement, all registered participants will be notified at least 72 hours prior to the start of the event and offered alternative event dates.  If participant is not able to attend an alternative date, Unplugged Adventures will refund fully all paid registration fees.


Minimum registration requirements by event:


Mill Pond Nature Ramble              6 participants per team - 2 teams (12 total participants)

What happens if it rains?

Unplugged Adventures operate rain or shine - adventures don't wait for perfect weather!  Of course, if weather becomes dangerous we will take precautions to ensure that everyone is safe.  Our Base Camp is staffed for the duration of the event and will monitor weather radar to ensure that all participants and staff enjoy a safe adventure.  In the event of dangerous weather, Base Camp will communicate directly with our Team Leaders in the field to provide updates and instructions.  Participants will be brought to Base Camp or to a designated rally point based on their location at the event.

In the event that an adventure is canceled due to weather, participants will be offered a "rain check" to participate on a different date.  If participant is not able to attend an alternative date, Unplugged Adventures will refund fully all paid registration fees.

I realize that 2020 is a different year, but what are your other adventures like?

While we are not currently planning to run our regular events this year, you can learn about them by checking out our Adventures page.


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