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Unplugged Adventures offers a range of events for kids ranging from 7 to 18 years old.  Our adventures vary in terms of level of physical and mental challenge, location and format.  Each event is centered around a location that features the natural world.  Our current adventures are:


Our marquee event, Expeditions typically last a full day and

feature a competitive race among small teams.  Think the

"Amazing Race," but on a mountain and for kids.  Participants

can expect to hike between 5-8 miles and tackle between 10-15

challenges.  Teams race to locate and find a series of checkpoints

while completing physical and mental challenges.  Expeditions

are most often located on a mountain so will include elevation



At Unplugged Adventures, we endeavor to be and to inspire new

stewards of our natural world.  Through a fun, outdoor adventure, we

introduce our younger generations to the world around them and teach

them a little about some of the most pressing environmental issues of our

time.  Working in teams, kids will complete nature-based challenges,

learn a little something, navigate a system of trails, and enjoy a

memorable experience.


We are always looking for new ways to experience and explore the 

world around us.  Unplugged Adventures partners with select

organizations that share our mission to get kids outside and engaged in

real-world experiences.  Our first adventure partner, Ramblewild,

provides a unique aerial adventure that tests participants physically and




Get back to basics.   Get back to nature.  Unplugged Adventures

will lead a guided, group hike that includes training on map-reading

and navigation, hiking and backcountry etiquette, and trail safety.

Treks vary in difficulty - terrain variability, distance covered and

elevation gained - depending on the location.








We are also designing additional adventure formats and we are working to extend our events to families (and possibly adults-only).

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